Annastasia Kim

meet me at our place, a flawed women’s wardrobe- a sentiment collection for the flaws within and the mistakes lived. narrated through a day's worth of clothes, purposefully designed to recreate common mishaps during dressing, which upon further reflection can be corrected. 

taking inspiration from internal and external observations to find where imperfections can be celebrated while completing the necessary gaps within.

this collection serves as a vessel that embodies my past inner struggles alongside present observations of people, forming a “flawed” women’s wardrobe. each piece deliberately carries imperfections inspired by everyday outfit mishaps, symbolizing self-perceived flaws. by linking these deliberate "mistakes" to self-reflection, the collection subtly shifts responsibility to the wearer, shadowing a tendency to attribute self-loathing and pity to others. the sentimentality within the collection derived from the five looks, corresponding to significant times and places for both me and the wearer’s journey of self-discovery and growth.


Annastasia Kim is a Korean-American womenswear designer based in New York City, and grew up in various cities in New Jersey, Virginia, Hong Kong, and Korea. Her extensive travels and curiosity about people and herself propel her design ethos, which centers on celebrating the concealed attributes in the wearer through irony.

Her design language is conservative but elegantly sensual, intricately incorporating details that emphasize elements grounded in the fundamental belief that fashion serves as a form of non-verbal, visual communication. By incorporating details from her personal narratives, she wishes to create an ambiance of belonging and valuing the sentimentality of ephemeral moments.