Anna Thelen



The traditional image of florals is challenged through the identification of inherent quality: color, shape, structure. Through design I choose to challenge all of those identifiable aspects of flowers and the natural to create a sort of “offness,” the ability to see a reference while understanding just how far away from that reference the clothing has become. The use of polyester textiles, made a necessity through the use of heat-set manipulation techniques is naturally manmade, as well as turning soft fabrics hard with pleating and origami structure. Grays, neutrals and electric blues also challenge what is found in nature, all while flipping the flowers on their heads for a new silhouette. A self-created, at-home pleating technique is used in conjunction with uncut square and  hexagonal pattern pieces that are held together using simply pressed creases, with no sewing or cutting involved. In this way the pieces stay true to traditional paper folding work, while striping the fabric shows the depth of the overlapped layers and creates a sort of plaid unique to the piece.
Image: The Cherry Blossom
Image: The Lotus
Image: The Lily
Image: The Skeleton
Image: The Pink
Image: The Poppy
Image: The Orchid


Anna is an NYC based multidisciplinary designer with a focus in origami and garment construction. She strives to bridge the gap between paper and fabric artistry through textile manipulation and unconventional construction techniques. She is a process-based maker, using traditional origami techniques to drive design and enhance the sense of play and creativity in her pieces. Paper folding functions as a foundation for Anna’s work and serves as a main source of inspiration for her future endeavors.