Angie Zhang



To Solidify Wind is a collection rooted in the personal desire to feel more at ease while navigating fast-paced environments and social interactions. As one of the most intimate forms of design, clothing offers a constant source of contact. This collection is an attempt at developing a holistic understanding of a moving sanctuary and offering a chance to reconcile with ourselves. Subtle anxiety-relieving details are hidden within layers of grey in hopes of conveying clothing as a consistent form of companionship.
This collection is designed through restraint, as an homage to quietude.
Image: Top draped from the seated body. Curved trousers mimic the shape of seated legs, with a hidden glove pocket in the inseam
Image: Look 2: FIDGET GEAR
Image: Cropped blouson jacket with straps to mimic that of a backpack. Inside are squishy silicone inserts with finger imprints
Image: Look 2.5: Bias-cut shirt with a quarter placket and angled hem
Image: Anti-sag trousers with a raised back panel and curved side seams. Tibetan prayer beads are encased within the belt loops for the wearer to play with.
Image: Look 3: GET A GRIP!
Image: Wrap jacket in a curved silhouette, featuring curved finger pockets in sleeves for the wearer to grip onto.
Image: Look 4: CAPED EMBRACE
Image: An iteration of the classic suit ensemble. Double-breasted jacket morphed into a cape with slit openings. Double-sided pockets to allow for self-embrace. High-waisted dress pants with a soft and compressive waistband
Image: Oversized coat with inverted back pleats designed to envelop the bulging silhouette of the inner vest.
Image: Look: 5.5
Image: Inner vest is stuffed with recycled fiberfill around the mid-torso. Inspired by passengers holding their belongings in their laps


Angie Zhang’s language of design is subtle and thoughtful, seeking to craft human-centred garments for the quiet figure in passing. Playful twists on traditional silhouettes are the basis of her creations. She believes that clothing always serves the wearer, and never the other way around; designing to benefit the comfort of the wearer without compromising elegance and agility of movement.