Aahaan Tandon



“KEEP MOVING, PLEASE!” is an exploration into my personal journey through a myriad of cultures, reflecting on the different challenges of forming a personal identity amidst transience whilst finding parallels with the constant bustling movement in the streets of New York. Having lived in numerous ex-USSR countries growing up, carpet-making has always been a very prominent art form and means of storytelling. Having been inspired by the craftsmanship of these countries, the collection combines various surface treatments for each look to correspond to a section of the carpet, allowing them to make up parts of the carpet to map out my own story.
The work utilises traditional pattern making and tailoring techniques with silhouettes and garments that assist and emphasize the act of movement whilst providing cohesive branding. Through 5 monochromatic looks and accessories, the collection displays the prevalence and importance of these cultures in forming my identity through movement.
Video: Shot on Super 8 by Daniyal Sharieff


Aahaan Tandon is a designer who draws heavily from his multicultural background, combining his experiences growing up in post-Soviet countries with his Indian heritage to shape his design language. His work, showcased in his graduate collection, reflects a focus on movement as a theme, interpreted in several different contexts. He explores the duality of black and white, using it as a thematic motif alongside the construction of his garments.

Aahaan's designs can be described as graphic and highly contrasting, suggesting a bold aesthetic that aims to catch the eye. Despite their visually striking appearance, he also prioritizes functionality, incorporating utilitarian features into his designs. Additionally, branding plays a significant role in his work, serving as an underlying element that enhances both marketability and personal identity.

Furthermore, Aahaan is proactive in exploring various mediums to express his inspirations, including short films, paintings, and campaigns. He is developing his own labell, focusing on accessories and menswear, indicating a desire to establish himself further in the industry before potentially pursuing higher education, such as a Master’s Degree.

Photography/Videography : Daniyal Sharieff, Aahaan Tandon

Models: Thomas Paul Walsh, Kirsten Nash, Shivam Sachdeva, Tanay Uttamchandani, Guilherme Lacerda, Satoshi Arimura, Madison Yim